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Getting Your Rental Application Approved
  • Always ensure you’ve filled out your application completely! Blank lines can delay the application process. It is better to be upfront about references, credit scores, and income levels. When we have a complete picture, we are more capable of finding the perfect home for you.
  • Be realistic about rental prices. It’s always important to keep additional monthly costs in mind when setting a limit for yourself. Utilities, cable and miscellaneous expenses can add up, so be sure you’ve taken into account all potential costs before setting your limit. Most landlords require that the household income be three times higher than the monthly housing expenses. Keeping that ratio in mind will help you set realistic goals.
  • Bring two pieces of government ID with you to your appointment.
  • Be on time for your viewing appointment, or contact us if you cannot make it. By respecting each other’s time, we ensure a positive working relationship throughout the rental process and beyond.
Moving Tips
  1. Purchase Canada Post’s Mail Forwarding service ahead of your move to ensure all important documents reach you at your new address.
  2. Make a list of all utilities and services that use your current address and contact them as soon as possible. This can include everything from your cellphone bill to your bank account.
  3. Ensure you have contacted your utility providers to set a service-transfer date.
  4. Move on a weekday to ensure you can contact banks, government offices, and utility providers in case of an unforeseen complication.
Useful Contacts
  • Enmax Energy 403-310-2010
  • Direct Energy 1-866-420-3174
  • Shaw Cable 1-888-472-2222
  • Telus 1-888-811-2323
Tips to Get Approved
  1. Search Within the Budget. A landlord's primary concern when sifting through applications is finding the ideal candidate who can pay the rent on time and in full.
  2. Prepare for Fees.
  3. Research Credit History.
  4. Be Professional.
  5. Be Honest.